UZO is easing back into 2017.  Here’s what is going on:  We have brought on board new Bass Player Ben Berdoulay who is currently learning the entire UZO catalog (20 years worth) I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed!   Prepare for some new music (with vocals) and some experimentation or some possible member additions.  NEW ALBUM?!?!?!  As we move into a new year with UZO, we will be booking Festies and other shows to slowly regain some of our footing in the local Festie Circuit.  Please be vocal and tell your Local Bar/Festie Promoter you want UZO.  Thanks for your support and see you in the field!

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The Demotion Pluto. Available for download here

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New Album: UZO The Demotion of Pluto...... 2013

New Album: UZO The Demotion of Pluto…… 2013